Saturday, January 2, 2016

An Open Letter to Trump and Cruz Voters in the Republican Primaries

Forgive me for saying this, but I think you are being played. Both Trump and Cruz are tapping into our visceral dislike of the very authoritarian nature of the elite liberals who control the White House and who enforce political correctness throughout the media. It is the authoritarian Obama White House that determines which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore. Indeed it is President Obama who bypasses the Congress to change immigration, environmental and gun laws and is so beholden to political correctness that he refuses to call the radical Islamic terrorists for what they are. It is more than enough to make you angry. But remember, anger is not a policy.

So why am I so down on Trump and Cruz? Plenty! They too are authoritarians who if elected would bend our laws to suit their selfish ends. All we would be doing is substituting one set of authoritarians with another. They are on the flip-side of the Obama coin. How can a Putin worshiper like Trump be trusted with the presidency?  Given the constitutional constraints on the presidency, Trump, given his authoritarian nature, would become a very frustrated bully lashing out at innocent civilians wherever he could find them. His way of insulting his opponents is only a mere foretaste of what would come.

How can a Cruz be trusted with the presidency when he has never led a team in his life and for that matter never really played on a team? He has always been out for himself and that is why he has no friends in the Senate. To him that is a badge of honor. However with that attitude all of his ideas would be dead on arrival and he would be forced to become another Obama by subverting the Constitution. He doesn’t understand what Ronald Reagan knew deep in his bones that politics is the art of the possible. Remember a leader needs followers willing to work with him. Indeed both Cruz and Trump fail the most fundamental daycare test in the book. They don’t play well with others.

So I ask you to think back to all of the great presidents of the past. We may have different ideas of which were great, but I would say does Cruz or Trump remind you of any of them. I doubt it. So you are being played. First by the candidates and second by their cheerleaders on talk radio and the internet who are lusting for power and ratings. For our country’s sake find someone else to support. Otherwise you will end up with not King Trump or King Cruz, but rather with Queen Hillary who might luxuriate with a Democratic House and Senate that a Trump or Cruz candidacy might just bring about. Although “stick it to the man” politics may feel good, trust me, it will end badly.

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