Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Ryan Choice

Mitt Romney's choice of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan as his running mate is a strong governing choice, but it represents very risky political choice. By this choice Romney has decided to play on President Obama's playing field by making this presidential election a choice on the future direction of the country, instead of a referendum on the sad state of the economy. You can bet on it, that the airwaves will be be filled with Obama ads showing Romney and Ryan throwing granny off the medicare cliff, while a few fat cats are toasting their tax cuts with glasses of champagne.

Nevertheless Paul Ryan is a strong campaigner and he, more than any of the other VP hopefuls, can articulate the case that the United States is on a fiscally unsustainable path.  This election will be about big things, not small bore stuff. No matter what President Obama says, he knows and most senior Democrats know, medicare, medicaid and social security have to be reformed. Simply put, the postwar entitlement state has run out of gas and the Democratic leadership continues to lie to the American people about it. The Republicans lie when they say the fiscal problems of the the United States can be solved without any tax increases. As an aside the big loser from today's announcement is Vice President Joe Biden. He will have his work cut out for him when he meets Ryan in their debate.

In terms of governing, should the Romney-Ryan team win in November they will be able to hit the ground running with respect to the budget. This would be an enormous advantage given the fiscal situation our Nation faces. Furthermore, as a complete outsider, it looks to me that Romney and Ryan really get along; they are both highly focused numbers people.