Sunday, February 8, 2015

Putin's Ukrainian Salami

Vladimir Putin is devouring Ukraine like a salami, one slice at a time. The first slice was Crimea and the West stood idle. The next two slices were Donetsk and Luhansk and currently on the block is the port city of Mariupol. Putin uses his army with advanced weaponry cloaked in the garb of insurgents to give the veneer of deniability. But make no mistake Russian imperialism is on the march and if the current passivity of the West continues, it won't be long until the whole of Ukraine is gobbled up one slice at a time. And where is the West?

With Germany's Merkel opposed to the shipping of offensive weapons and the Obama Administration operating in their usual dazed and confused mode, the world watches as western oriented Ukrainians spill blood every day. Simply put the West is nowhere. All talk and very little action. It is high time that the Obama Administration wakes up from it stupor and start to ship advanced weaponry to the embattled Kiev government. Concurrently the West should amp up its sanctions regime to cut Russia off from the the international banking system one big slice at a time.

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