Thursday, June 8, 2017

An Open Letter to President Donald Trump: It’s Time to Go

I hate to break it to you, as one kid from Queens to another, it aint working. The trouble is that you are still acting like a 14 year old kid, not an adult much less a president. The American people know it, Congress knows it, your cabinet knows it, the White House staff knows it, Melania knows it and yes, Ivanka knows it.

Let’s face it you don’t understand our constitution and how our government functions under it. Your decision to fire F.B.I. Director Comey violated Lyndon Johnson’s rule with respect to J. Edgar Hoover. President Johnson understood that it was far better to have Hoover inside the tent pissin out rather than outside the tent pissin in. Put bluntly you are not up to the job and it is time for you to go before making an even bigger mess.

Your foreign policy is a wreck and is putting our country in grave danger. You have managed to give the middle finger to our European allies, Mexico, Canada and most of Asia. The only country in the world that seems to be happy with you is Russia, who under Putin is our enemy. Meantime with three carrier groups approaching Korea a real war looms. Do you really think you are up to this? Remember we are not talking about a real estate deal here. At home hardly anyone wants to work in your administrations as key positions remain unfilled. Further nothing is happening in Congress with no real progress being made on healthcare, tax reform and infrastructure legislation.

You can claim credit for appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme, Court, the rollback of Obama-era regulations, bringing a much needed increase to defense spending and in rethinking our trade deals to better understand their impact on the American worker. So why don’t you claim victory, call it a day and leave. The country will be in good hands with Mike Pence.

Yours in making America great again,

David Shulman

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