Wednesday, March 9, 2016

America Turns Inward

If we didn't need any more evidence the results of yesterday's primaries indicate that the American electorate is turning inward. The rise of Trump and Sanders proves that there is a strong anti-free trade consensus. Although Sanders and Trump voters vote with their pocketbooks in favor of free trade every day at Wal*Mart, at the ballot box they resoundingly vote against it. These facts will be confirmed when the Trans Pacific trade deals goes down to defeat, if it is ever voted on.

Moreover with Trump appearing to be a direct descendant of the isolationist America First movement of the early 1940s and with Sanders firmly believing in the American retreat of his socialist roots, the world will soon become a more dangerous place. We have written many times before that we are in the process of reliving the 1930s and unfortunately the evidence grows with each passing day. We are getting pretty close to gangs of Trump and Sanders supporters fighting it out in the street. Simply put, the political situation is getting very ugly. Soon the markets will reflect it.

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