Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ottawa, Sidney and Paris: Connect the Dots

As if we did not already know it, you don't have to be Inspector Clouseau to deduce that there is something very wrong with a strain of Islam that is out to destroy Western values. Within the past three months we witnessed terrorist attacks on the Canadian War Memorial, the heart of Sidney and yesterday's horrific slaughter at the offices of the satiric French magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

It is time to heed the words of Egyptian President al-Sisi to purge Islam from those who kill in the name of the religion and those who give aid and support to the killers. Further it is time for the western multi-culturalists to stop making excuses for very bad behaviors. It is also time to realize that the NSA surveillance state has more than a few positive attributes going for it.

I do recognize that this is a problem primarily within Islam where more than words from moderate clerics and secular leaders are needed. Nevertheless we can't just sit around and watch magazine editors being gunned down with assault rifles without acting.

Je Suis Charlie

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