Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Dumb Party and the Evil Party

We Americans are blessed with two major political parties; the dumb party and the evil party. Without question the Republican party is the dumb party. Never have I seen such a collection of wack-job candidates for the presidency and never have I seen such intolerant audiences at the debates. I am truly ashamed.

Look at the field, you have Newt Gingrich, a politician who has more baggage than Samsonite. Then you have a cranky old man in the person of Ron Paul. There is the lovely Michele Bachmann who makes a pretty good impersonation of the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz. There is Rick Santorum who is so up tight that he looks like he is holding a pea in his butt. What I can I say about Herman Cain, a candidate who talks well but is just not ready for prime time. Forget about the sexual harassment allegations, he just doesn't know what's happening in the world. Then there is the distinguished governor of Texas, Rick Perry. He can't remember what agencies he wants to eliminate. Now Mitt Romney is a very bright guy, but he has taken two sides on all too many important issues so it is hard to tell what is core beliefs are. Jon Huntsman is the class act in field, but in the year of wack jobs, his nomination is not going to happen.

Most alarming is the field's elevating tax policy to a religion. Face it, tax increases will be necessary to solve our fiscal mess and any deal that offers up five or six dollar of spending cuts for every dollar of tax increases should be welcomed with open arms.

So much for the Republicans being dumb; the Democrats are evil. Why? They lie to the people. It is evil to make promises to people that can't be kept. They promise an entitlement state that they can't deliver on. It is cruel to offer a great pension to a 50 year old that won't be there when the employee retires. It is evil to say they support manufacturing and then come up with a host of rules making it impossible to manufacture. They support energy independence, except it can't be accomplished with domestic drilling and a pipeline infrastructure. They chase the chimera of "green tech" knowing it won't supply more than a few percent our energy needs in 2020.

Yes folks, we will have quite a choice to make in 2012.

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