Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Idiots in the Senate

The United States Senate is full of complete idiots. With hooker-loving David Vitter(R-LA), primary-scared John McCain(R-AZ), and two sure losers this November on the Democratic side,
Barbara Boxer(D-CA) and Russell Feingold(D-WI) all coming out against the renomination of Fed Chairman Bernanke, something is really wrong. To be sure Chairman Bernanke is not without sin, too much monetary ease in 2003-4 and regulatory failures with respect to sub-prime mortgages, but he and a few others really did save our country from The Great Depression 2.0.

What are these Senators thinking? Voting against Bernanke won't save their hides, but should the nomination go down, watch out below for stocks, bonds and the U.S. Dollar. Even if these idiots don't care about the markets, at the end of the day, they are voting against job creation and for higher unemployment rates.

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