Saturday, October 8, 2016

Republicans Commit Political Malpractice

Wow! Donald Trump is a profane guy with respect to women. I'm shocked! I met Donald Trump once 25 years ago in a business setting. He didn't know me or my colleague and all he talked about was pussy and sports. So I was not surprised to see the out-takes from Access Hollywood. He sounded just like the Trump of 25 years ago. I am sure there will be more, but my question is where were the Republican "oppo" researchers. They should have had this during the primary season.

This is especially true of Jeb Bush's team because Trump's interviewer Bobby Bush is his cousin. The failure of the Bush, Rubio, and Cruz staffs to come up the real dirt on Trump represents political malpractice of the highest order and the whole lot of them should go into a hole somewhere and never be seen again. It is their failure that has given the Republican Party its most flawed candidate in history.

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