Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Link to the Giliberto-Shulman paper on the Interest Rate Sensitivity of REITs

Here is the link to the Giliberto-Shulman paper on the interest rate sensitivity of REITs forthcoming in the Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management.

On the Interest Rate Sensitivity of REITs: Evidence from Twenty Years of Daily Data

Executive Summary

This study evaluates interest rate sensitivity for equity REITs using a multi-factor asset pricing model estimated with daily data. We utilize yield changes and, as an alternative, bond betas, to measure REITs’ sensitivity to interest rate shifts. We find that the degree of interest rate sensitivity varies over time, has switched direction and that any “pure” effect is often subsumed in equity REITs beta against stocks. Despite recent high sensitivity, we conclude that there is no long-run predictive rule that applies to how equity REIT returns respond to movements in interest rates.

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