Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reversals of Fortune

With the polls now indicating a tight race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a far cry from the blowout predicted for Clinton two months ago, the focus will now turn to the July conventions. Where in early April it appeared that the Republicans were on the road to suicide, it now appears that the Democratic Convention will be far more raucous. To the chagrin of the Clinton's, it now appears that Bernie is a bitter-ender. After all Bernie Sanders, despite his Jewish background, is really a member of The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage. Simply put, Bernie is looking for a fight. My guess as the Republicans line up for Trump, the Democrats will make their Nevada convention look like a dress rehearsal for the real thing.

The other reversal of fortune is that while the Obama Administration was busy in taking Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party, off the $20 bill a new Jacksonian was on the rise in the person Donald Trump. Recall that Jackson was the richest man in Tennessee, believed in democracy for white Americans only, supported the "tariff of abominations," removed the Cherokee Nation from Georgia and Tennessee and though his foreign policy was isolationist he believed that when attacked the U.S. should use the full might of its military to defeat the attacker. This sounds awfully like The Donald.

I know it is early and there will be more reversals, but we are living in an extraordinary political year where the two leading candidates are disliked by a majority of voters, myself included. To mix metaphors batten down the hatches and fasten your seat belts!

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