Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Article on Zocalo: "The U.S. Can no Longer Remain an Island of Economic Tranquility"

How’s the economy?
We have so many indicators to measure, you’d think the answer to that question would be as straightforward as the answer to the question of “How’s the weather?”
It never is, of course, for a number of reasons. The “economy” in the aggregate covers many activities and sectors, some of which can be booming while others are in a rough patch. Similarly, some individuals suffer economic hardship in supposedly good times, while some people manage to thrive in down times, so one’s feelings about “the economy” don’t always correlate with the latest macro statistics and headlines.
But there is a more novel reason for the confusion surrounding how people feel about the economy: the perceived seesaw relationship between the U.S. economy and the rest of the world. For the past decade, our fortunes and those of nations beyond our shores haven’t been moving in tandem. Even more worrisome, in the political realm the two are increasingly described as being in a zero-sum, adversarial relationship.
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