Friday, February 26, 2016

Chris Christie's Temper Tantrum

Chris Christie proved himself to be Donald Trump's soulmate. They are both schoolyard bullies who if they can't have their own way they go off on their own. What Christie was saying with his endorsement of Trump today is that I if I couldn't take him, I am going to try my best that the rest of the Republican field can't take him down either, especially Marco Rubio. For whatever reason Christie can't stand Marco Rubio. Be that as it may, today Christie found his inner spoiled child.

Another reason is that Christie can't wait top get out of New Jersey. It is fast becoming a failed state like Illinois. He won't be Trump's VEEP, but he is certainly angling to be his attorney general. I would hope that voters see through all of this and give Trump the licking he so well deserves on Super Tuesday. I know this may be the triumph of hope over experience, but one can always hope.

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