Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Giving Opportunism a Bad Name: Hillary and TPP

Hillary Clinton came out against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)  trade agreement today. After publicly supporting it over 30 times as President Obama's secretary of state, she has succumbed to the hot breath of protectionism now emanating from the left wing of the Democratic Party and it new exemplar, Bernie Sanders. Simply put, she is giving opportunism a bad name.

Now with much of the Republican Party under the spell of the protectionist Donald Trump, the chances of Congress approving the TPP next year are slim and none. The situation is further complicated by John Bohner's departure from the House leaving the Republican rookies in charge. It was a tough sell to give Obama "fast-track" authority earlier this year; it will be a far tougher sell next year.

Meantime in a world that is growing more chaotic by the day, this is not good news for the United States and it is certainly not good news for the global stock markets.

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