Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chris Christie and "Bridge-gate"

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is certainly and rightly being raked over the coals over the role of his gubernatorial and campaign staffs in causing four days of monstrous traffic jams on Fort Lee's on-ramps to the George Washington Bridge. The ostensible reason was a pique over the failure of Fort Lee's mayor to endorse Christie in last year's gubernatorial race.

No sector of the political class is more gleeful than the running jackals of the hard left who are now feasting over Christie's wounded political carcass. It is he who they fear most in 2016. Nevertheless I would caution them that what does not kill him, will only make him stronger. After watching Christie's presser this morning, I think he is on his way to recovery. Unlike other politicians, Christie is willing to accept blame for the mistakes of his staff. Would that only be true in Washington, D.C.

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