Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Republicans Have to Learn How to Count

Last night's re-election win for President Barack Obama was a lesson in arithmetic that the Republican Party had better learn if it is ever to be successful in future presidential elections. Simply put the Republicans can't appear downright hostile to the fast growing Latino population that now accounts for 10% of the vote. When a party loses the Latino vote by 40 points, it is obvious it will lose New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada and likely Florida. Knock knock, is anybody home. Time to support immigration reform.

Furthermore the Republicans can't appear hostile to the life style choices of millions of young single women and gay Americans. The party certainly can be pro-life, but does it make sense to support state required vaginal probes and sanctify the fetuses that are the result of rape? The two wacko Senate candidates in Missouri and Indiana nationalized the "rape issue" to the benefit of the Democrats.

It would also help if the party emulated the Obama campaign's effective use of "big data" to identify potential voters and to get them to the polls. Thus learning how to count is essential and doing it better certainly won't hurt.

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