Friday, May 28, 2010

Where Was Corzine's Ax a Few Years Ago? Letter to The Wall Street Journal, May 28

I read with great interest that Jon Corzine is taking the ax to 10% to 15% of MF Global Holdings Ltd.'s workforce ("Corzine Takes Ax to MF Global," Deals & Deal Makers, May 21).
New Jersey would have avoided the fiscal crisis it is now facing if only former Gov. Corzine had acted with such alacrity and applied the same results-oriented standards to the state's business.
David Shulman


  1. Actually, he did. He reduced the state's payroll by 8,500 workers, or roughly 10 percent, over his four years in office.

  2. But, local government and education employment grew like weeds as Corzine sold his soul to the bosses who elected him.